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"FREEDOM FREEDOM FREEDOM, OI!" -Dr. Zoidberg - The Peoples Army of Dude Domination [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Peoples Army For Dude Domination

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"FREEDOM FREEDOM FREEDOM, OI!" -Dr. Zoidberg [Jul. 2nd, 2006|10:11 am]
The Peoples Army For Dude Domination


[mood |Patriotic]
[music |Star Spangled Banner]

Hey everybody! Guess what! The P.A.D.D. is throwing another party!

WHAT: The First Annual Peoples Army 4th of July Drunken Debouchery Extravaganza
WHEN: NEXT SATURDAY, July 8th, 2006. Starts sometime in the evening!
WHERE: The mighty Peoples Army, of course - if you don't know the location, ask a friend!
BRING: Your mighty self, of course, and preferably some sort of a) booze, b) food, c) more booze!
DO: Make sure you're patriotic as you can be, you motherfuckers, we're celebrating our nations independence here!
DON'T:Bring people who're not on the list, please
ATTIRE: PATRIOTIC. Show your support for our country in whatever way pleases you! Even if you just stick an "Impeach Bush" sticker on the front of your t-shirt, it's okay! We don't like Bush anyway!

[User Picture]From: ungoreatstefan
2006-07-02 05:41 pm (UTC)
When did we agree on the whole patriotic theme?
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